Virginia House of Delegates District 11

Parents Should Have Control Over Their Children’s Education

Start Virginia Learning
There was a time when public education was a valuable community asset.
It gave everyone an opportunity to learn, grow, achieve, and prosper. But the current policies of removing advanced academics and injecting politics have had devastating effect.
Test scores in Roanoke alone are down as much as 28% and in some subjects more than half failed.

This catastrophe is happening all across Virginia.
Divisive politics has no place in the classroom, academics does.
While the elite and powerful people making these decisions can afford alternatives to public education, most average working families do not have that choice and are stuck in our failing schools. That is wrong.

I will fight to return excellence and achievement to our schools, transparency for parents, and return parents’ control over the education of their children.

Stop Virginia Burning
We can have safe communities.  However, the polices and corruption of one-party rule has been devastating to public safety.
We already know. In Roanoke alone, homicides are up 400%, Roanoke can now rank in the top 50 most dangerous cities in the country, and this is happening all across Virginia.
Since just last year, we are now seeing riots with fires burning, looting, and an across-the-board increase in crime.

Roanoke’s own mayor, as a member of the parole board, got caught breaking the law and releasing violent criminals back on the streets.
While releasing violent criminals, these one-party ruling elites worked to demoralize and decrease law enforcement.
And if more violent criminals and less police protection weren’t bad enough, the same politicians are working feverishly to reduce our ability as citizens to protect ourselves and our families.
How will this work out?

If you elect me as Delegate, I will fight to fully fund proper law enforcement, the right of citizens to protect their families, and stop the illegal early releases of violent felons.

Get Virginia Earning
We Virginians need a healthy economy powered by good paying jobs to support our families. Our current economic policy has failed to create those jobs, so the elites in power have focused on forcing entry level jobs to pay better.  This drives up the cost of fuel, food, housing, and other basic needs.
These same elites are taking our tax money – meant for basics like roads, bridges, law enforcement, and education – and spending it on luxuries like Tesla charging stations. Does Roanoke need our potholes fixed or a “green” roof on the Noel C Taylor Building? Do we need more police officers or more public “art”?  Do we need more special ed teachers or more solar-powered trash cans?  This “political grift” must stop.

As Delegate, I will say yes to jobs, prosperity, proper funding of government’s responsibilities and no to making us “little guys” pay for more  flashy indulgences for the elites.