Virginia House of Delegates District 11

There is a Better Way and Here it is:

The Better Way is as simple as making PEACE, creating PROSPERITY, and adhering to the PRINCIPLES that foster peace and prosperity.

We need peace, not hate, violence, and manipulation from political bullies. Charlie’s career is built on standing up to bullies and defending their victims. Together we can stop these bullies and find peace for everyone.  Whatever one’s goals in life, peace creates the best chance for all of us to achieve them.

Peace is the pathway to real prosperity where more and more people can reach their goals. A civilization at peace allows us the best opportunity to provide for our families and spend time on the people and activities we love rather than on political fighting. In a truly free society, we can have that level of prosperity. There is a better way to live as a community than what we see happening today.

In the past, our shared principles were our strength. Unfortunately, many of today’s leaders are confusing those principles by inciting conflict, hate, and violence. Together, we can agree to disagree without threats, riots, and cancelling. We all share basic principles that help us get along and treat our neighbors with dignity. We make a better way when we focus on those principles.

Can you turn your back on the status quo and start working toward peace with me?